Tes-tow-monials... get it? testimonials

Sandra M. (Toronto)

"Thanks to Eddy we were able to get a tow truck on the Gardiner in Toronto in the middle of winter within 20 mins of making the initial call. 

We talked to CAA before and they said it would take over 2 hours to get a tow truck to save us. Thankfully the driver was able to make us an invoice and I was able to get a reimbursement through CAA after our van was towed off the highway and to the shop."

Chris F. (Etobicoke)

"I was late for a meeting and just needed a battery boost. Because my Honda CR-V was parked underground, my roadside assistance company could not get me serviced as soon as I wanted. One call to Central Towing and within a half hour I had  a service vehicle there and they boosted the battery! I was glad that my day wasn't delayed much more than it already was. Thanks Central Towing!"

Michael C. (North York)

"I'm always unprepared for car breakdown problems, but at least I have the Central Towing phone number saved in my phone! My old POS car has had it's troubles but they get me going every time, and worst case, have gotten me out of tight situations. Thanks guys! "

Jordyn P. (Parkdale)

"My spare tire was no good, so I thought I needed a tow. At once, Central Towing sent me a service guy and he simply repaired the tire that had a puncture on the spot! Much simpler solution to my troubles were solved that day. Thanks!"

Justin F. (Scarborough)

"My car was stuck underground for a couple of years.  I didn't think any tow truck would be able to get it and now that I could afford to repair my classic Mustang I thought it was stuck there forever. Thanks to Central Towing they sent over a real pro who was able to get my car out of the tight confines of the parking garage!" 

Krystal T (Weston)

"Thanks Central Towing! You guys got me out of a really bad situation this summer. I just wanted to say you are the best! Thanks to my tow truck driver for getting me and my car to the dealer before they closed!"

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